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Tender Indifference

Tender Indifference

Mum died today - or maybe it was yesterday.
— The Stranger, Albert Camus

On trial for murder, it is not Meursault’s innocence or guilt that will decide his fate, it is his apathy. Part existential comedy, part disillusioned tragedy, Tender Indifference is inspired by Camus' seminal novel The Outsider.

Meursault, an indifferent man of little aspiration attends his mother’s funeral, feels nothing and a short time later kills a man. The consequences of these actions, but more so his general lack of engagement, see him sentenced to be decapitated, and finally come to terms with his execution through accepting the universe’s indifference towards humankind.

Created and performed by: Joanne Coleman, Ryan Devlin, Alexis Hamerton, Patrick Howard, Victor Kalka, and Troy Kent. With additional material by Jacqueline Marriott.

Sydney Fringe Festival
8th - 12th September, 2015

Photography by Jack Gorman

From the Programme

"Remember; never play around. The world is false, and when you play at being false the world is cruel."

Meursault lives in a world constructed of false gestures, motivated by selfishness and a need to play the game to remain standing. He is all too aware of this, perhaps more so than others, and knows that to keep afloat in this world he too must play. But it is his awareness of the rules of the game, and how he can break them, that amounts to his happy ending. Wait, we mean unhappy. Yes, but, he is happy. Well, actually, he doesn't know any of this, right, isn't that the point? Well, not until he is about to die, and even then...

Oh, we just gave away the end of the play, didn't we? Shit.

TENDER INDIFFERENCE is the debut production of Arrive. Devise. Repeat.: a theatre making collective of emerging independent actors and theatre creative dedicated to devising new work, smashing it apart and piecing it back together again. Utilising their training together for almost three years, Arrive. Devise. Repeat. have used Viewpoints and the Suzuki Method to explore The Outsider by Albert Camus in developing this work.



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