Arrive. Devise. Repeat.

Red Cross

Red Cross

written by Sam Shepard, directed by Victor Kalka

The impeccable directing by Victor Kalka ensured all aspects of the production were unified and his vision of the playwright’s intention was delivered with finesse.
— Rose Niland, The Culture Concept Circle

Set in a remote mountain cabin, “Red Cross” dissects the infectious nature of personal fears: Carol is terrified her head might explode; Jim is convinced he is plagued by lice draining his life; and the maid is scared of drowning. A surreal comedy by Sam Shepard.

Off Broadway Festival Hub
Gehrig Lane, Annandale
8pm, 14th-17th September

with Henry Hulme, Genevieve Muratore, Emma Throssell
written by Sam Shepard
directed by Victor Kalka
produced by Tabitha Woo
sound design by Ryan Devlin
stage manager Chris Starnawski


Photography by Johnny Nolan and Christopher Starnawski

From the Programme

Without logic or reason, there’s always something else, something unseen. The world is infinite, rather than finite.
– David Lynch 

There’s something at work in Red Cross, something that got under my skin the first time I read it, and has refused to leave me. But I can’t put my finger on it. It has a kind of dream logic that makes perfect sense when you are in the world – but try explaining it to someone once it’s over. Language can only convey so much. 

The characters in the play come up against the same problem: wrapped up in their own neuroses, words fall short. So instead they conjure up these strange images, the exploding head, the parasites, drowning in a lake and being absorbed back into nature. 

It’s a Sam Shepard play, so there is no neat resolution, and no easy answers. Instead there are more questions. I’ve sat with this play in my head for over a year, and I still have questions. But that’s a good thing. It’s under my skin, there to stay, and I’m OK with that.


The Culture Concept Circle


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