Arrive. Devise. Repeat.

Götterdämmerung (2017)


by Arrive. Devise. Repeat.

warm, intimate, unembellished
— David Karry, Sydney Arts Guide

GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG is a show about the way we relate to the death of celebrities. Why do we grieve for someone that wasn't a relative or friend? What is the difference between the death of David Bowie and the death of a close family member? Why did Patrick build a shrine to Princess Diana?

Irreverently funny and incredibly human, this show is a meditation on life, death, and pop culture.

Part documentary, part stand up comedy, part theatre.

Devised and Performed by Jacqueline Marriott, Patrick Howard, Ryan Devlin, and Victor Kalka
presented in association with bAKEHOUSE Theatre Co, as a part of the Step Up Program

Graphic Design by Victor Kalka, Photography by Tabitha Woo
3rd and 6th July, 2017

From the Programme

This show started with the death of David Bowie, but he was not the first – the list is nebulous. Alan Rickman, Princess Diana, Harper Lee, Michael Jackson, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Heath Ledger, Muhammad Ali, Leonard Cohen, Gene Wilder...

What do we do when someone that we loved, but didn’t know dies? Is it selfish that we feel sad – are we coopting the grief of others?

At least fifteen cultural icons have died during the development of this show, and these questions don’t go away. It’s easy to scoff at the tweet or Facebook status eulogizing a celebrity; but it’s rarely ever that simple.

In making this show, we sat down to talk about how we relate to the deaths of celebrities. What resulted was surprising, even to us; a deeply personal work that sought to look out, but inevitably made us look in.

It’s natural, anyone who watches Game of Thrones knows that just because we like a person, it doesn’t make them immune to death – valar morghulis. But that doesn’t make it any easier. And at some point we have to confront our own mortality.


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