Arrive. Devise. Repeat.

Brothers Karamazov Press Kit



A Russian story radically reimagined.

Arrive. Devise. Repeat.’s new production of Brothers Karamazov radically reframes the original Russian classic by casting female actors in two key roles. Actors Alice Birbara and Lucia May will take on the roles of Ivan Karamazov and Smerdyakov.

In Brothers Karamazov the murder of the hedonistic patriarch Fyodor Karamazov exposes the dysfunctions of the whole family: the petty rivalries, the romantic triangles, and the seething resentment.

“By cross-casting these roles we can examine these relationships in a new light, and think differently about the dynamics of power and violence,” says director Victor Kalka, “I also had no interest in seeing another play with four blokes on stage talking about how bleak life is!”

“Now, more than ever, power and masculinity are under scrutiny, and in this time of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Trump it’s important to examine this behaviour.” says producer Jess Zlotnick. “We wouldn’t allow Ivan to be Ivan if he was female. We wouldn’t allow the behaviour that he exhibits.” says Alice Birbara.

“Both heartbreaking and absurd, the cross casting allows us to look at this 19th Century story not as a museum piece, but as a something very contemporary, and very alive,” says Kalka.

Brothers Karamazov can be seen at PACT, Erskineville from the 6th-16th of December, tickets are on sale now at

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Cast Alice Birbara, Ryan Devlin, Patrick Howard and Lucia May

Written by Richard Crane, after Dostoyevsky
Directed by Victor Kalka
Produced by Jess Zlotnick
Stage Manager Christopher Starnawski
Lighting Designer Liam O’Keefe
Sound Designer Ryan Devlin
Set and Costume Designer Victor Kalka

107 Railway Parade
Erskineville, 2043

6th – 16th December

Wednesday – Saturday

Concession $22